FIFA vs. Pro Evolution Soccer 2010

FIFA decided to keep things relatively the same from its last iteration.  The graphics look the same as 2009, with maybe a slight improvement on player faces, but not much.  Gameplay feels less like soccer and more like pinball.  They both claim to have a new 360 degree style control  and ways to fight for the ball with other players (legally).  Goalkeepers are upgraded and made a lot smarter, and animations have been cleaned up as well.  This is the one thing FIFA has going for it, as PES 2010 has major problems in this area still.  The big things FIFA has going for it is its name, its tradition of bringing good futbol to masses and licenses.  FIFA owns PES in the license department, so if you want to play a real Premiership schedule, you need to buy FIFA, which is unfortunate.

Pro Evolution Soccer has really stepped it up this year and its graphics blow FIFA out of the water.  A lot of people have stated their main problem with the graphics is the acne laden faces on some players.  This is a little true, but for the guys they did this so it fits.  Fernando Torres from Liverpool is probably the easiest one to spot when it comes to this issue.  Gameplay actually fells like, get this, soccer!  It flows sooo smoothly in comparison to FIFA.  Crosses are not automatic goals like they are in FIFA 2010 and you can’t cause auto-penalty kicks like I’ve heard people complaining about on forums