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Albino Lullaby is a Horror Game

Albino Lullaby revels in its own weirdness. The episodic first-person puzzler, which launched last week, proudly claims to have no jump scares, gore, or blood. Instead, it relies on atmosphere and some truly awful creatures to get under your skin.

Its world is garish and beautiful, full of rooms that twist and rearrange as you explore them. Walls and floors mechanically slide around, revealing hidden areas or paths. Buttons prominently displayed on walls ask, “Are you sure?” with a metaphorical wink and nudge. Because of course you’re going to push the damn buttons. And what results is often a mix of the unsettling and the humorous.

“Duality is an important theme of our game,” said Justin Pappas, creative director of indie studio Ape Law. “We wanted it to look pretty and fun, but have this horror and terror undercurrent. And when those themes clash, I think that confuses the brain a little bit. It makes players feel kind of disoriented. And that all lends to that feeling of unease and the uncanny.”

The creatures that call this twisted haunted house home are ‘the Grandchildren,’ pale and tubular things with oddly-pitched voices and nightmarish eyes and mouths. They sprang from Pappas’ subconscious.

“Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been drawing these, like, french fries with really scary, empty eyes and teeth,” he said. “When we first started building the game, our intention was actually to make them more humanoid. But we started with these tubes because it’s easy to test like that. We didn’t have animations yet … so we just put these tubes in. And I drew on one of the tubes, one of these french fries that I used to draw, and it turned out that any other sort of concept we tried to create for the Grandchildren just didn’t feel quite as right.”

The Grandchildren, Pappas explained, are a vague representative shape that people can project their own fears onto. Some might think they look like stretched marshmallows. Others might see thumbs, worms, or undead Easter Island heads. Maybe they look a little bit like actor Tim Curry. Maybe they look phallic. Either way, you’ll spend most of your time in Albino Lullaby trying to avoid these monstrosities by crouching and sneaking around them.

Or you can just sprint past them in a terrified panic. The Grandchildren are slow, but relentless. Only a loading spot or strange blue lights will make them give up the chase. And if they catch you, you die.

A game where you run away from evil french fries might sound more absurd than terrifying, but that’s kind of the point. Albino Lullaby walks a fine line between horror and comedy, creating an experience that is neither laugh-out-loud funny nor overtly frightening, but instead nightmarishly surreal. Pappas admits that it’s a hard balancing act to maintain.

Minecraft takes big step into VR

Mojang employee Tommaso Checchi confirmed on Twitter that an update for the Windows 10 version of Minecraft will add Rift support, and that the update is coming next week, according to WinBeta. This means gamers will be able to put on the Rift headset and walk around the world of Minecraft using an Xbox One controller.

The new feature will only be added to the Windows 10 version of Minecraft, but don’t worry about not having that version. If you already purchased Minecraft, you can get the Windows 10 version for free by logging on to the Mojang website and redeeming your copy in the Windows Store.

Microsoft acquired Mojang, the company behind Minecraft, in 2014. By making Rift support exclusive to the Windows 10 version of Minecraft, Microsoft is giving gamers a reason to try out the Windows Store, which might help that struggling platform gain traction.

But the business angle on this story isn’t nearly as interesting as the opportunity to fully immerse yourself into the pixelated world of Minecraft. The first-person building game seems like a perfect fit for virtual reality, especially when you consider all the crazy creations people have made in the game over the years. There’s certainly a whole lot to explore.

Of course, Minecraft is far from realistic: Its famously blocky graphics looked nostalgic even back in 2011, when it was first released. But simple graphics don’t make this game any less immersive, and the creativity of its users is no small part of that. We look forward to what VR can bring to this game on the Rift.

Pokémon Go is Playable on PC

unduhan-80Pokémon Go is already a huge hit, but there are some would-be trainers who would prefer to assemble their team from the comfort of their home. Given that the game revolves around the idea of moving around in physical space, that’s not so easy — but one committed fan has come up with a workaround.

You can play Pokémon Go on your computer, but first you’ll need to set about installing an Android emulator. YouTube user Travis D came up with this method, and he uses BlueStacks, although a host of alternatives are available.

Of course, simply downloading an emulator and Pokémon Go itself isn’t enough to make the game playable on your PC. The game relies on the player moving around to find new Pokémon, so the trainer then needs to root the emulated device and install an app that’s capable of spoofing their GPS location.

This set-up makes your rig the center of the Pokémon universe, and handily circumvents the battery life issues that have been affecting the progress of certain players. However, it’s not an ideal solution, as faking your GPS location is apparently enough to warrant being banned from the game.

Players found to be spoofing their location have been suspended, which means being prevented from catching Pokémon, competing at gyms and even earning rewards from Pokéstops. However, these repercussions usually haven’t been permanent — most players have regained those abilities after a few hours. It’s hard to say how far you can push the game before a permanent ban is handed out.

Pokémon Go might technically be playable on your PC, but it’s a risky proposition. Most trainers will stick to catching Pokémon using their smartphone, at least for the time being. However, it will certainly be interesting to see whether Go makes its way to a future Nintendo handheld.

3 Ways People Are Cheating at Pokemon Go

imagyghIf we’ve learned anything from Pokemon Go, it’s that people will go to great lengths in order to successfully beef up their Pokedex and increase their levels. Some travel the world in an attempt to catch ‘em all, some make additional purchases for phone battery packs to maintain a good charge, and others accidentally stumble off a pier trying to line up the perfect shot.

But a subgroup of players have taken things a step further, harnessing the power of technology to create their own tools used to game the system and guarantee success in Pokemon Go. While many of these venture into morally gray territory — particularly those that cheat the mechanics and skip the intended progression — it just goes to show that people will use any means necessary to become Pokemon Masters.

A majority of these techniques use the Android version of the game, since it’s marginally easier to modify than iOS. IGN doesn’t condone the use of any third-party applications designed to skip the intended Pokemon Go progression path, not only because it goes against the spirit of the game’s design, but also because we can’t ensure the safety of these applications. As always, cheat at your risk. Or of course you can always check out IGN’s comprehensive Pokemon Go Wiki Guide to get ahead.

And if you’re one of the millions of players trying to legitimately earn your Pokedex, it’s still fascinating to see the lengths some players will go. Below are five ways players are cheating at Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Trackers

Pokemon Go itself is not particularly handy as a map tool. Street names are not present, and the only way to know which locations are Pokestops is to select the stop and read its description. This can be an issue, because there’s no real way of knowing exactly where a Poke Stop is or how far away it might be at any given moment.

To remedy this, many amateur developers have taken to creating a Pokemon tracking tool. Using Google Maps in real time, many of these tools correctly identify the exact locations of these stops and gyms to make them easier to locate. As an added bonus, programs like the now-defunct PokeTracker will highlight specifically where different Pokemon were spawning, sending the user an alert describing which Pokemon were nearby and where they could be found.

It’s technically cheating, since the point of the game is to wander and explore and stumble into Pokemon intermittently. But, it still requires one to get up and move around in order to make their catches, which largely remains faithful to the main game.

Automated Bots

For those who merely want ‘em all without putting forward any of the work, there are entire bots dedicated to playing the game for you. By sending falsified data to the Pokemon Go servers, these bots can do almost everything from easily capturing Pokemon to hatching eggs and duplicating items from Pokestops.

It essentially turns Pokemon Go into an idle game, bypassing the actual “Go” elements needed to make the core game work. It’s an option for those who want to play Pokemon Go without… actually playing it, really.

The Poke Black Market

Perhaps “black market” is a bit of a strong phrase here, but there are some players who make extra fun money by selling their accounts to prospective buyers. Kind of like using an Automated Bot, this is a way for players to automatically give themselves a boost in their Pokemon Go street cred without ever actually having to set foot outside.

There are multiple places where one can do this, and if the Pokemon Go Accounts page on Facebook is anything to judge by, it’s a relatively popular practice. People share details about their accounts, explaining their trainer’s level, key Pokemon in their possession, and how much Stardust they’re carrying, among other things.

Killer Game Just Made Sequels Obsolete

When it comes to great games, people are always eager to clamor for a sequel. If you have something good, it’s natural to want more of it. The thing is, with some games you don’t have to resort to a whole new entry for that to happen. In some cases, a really good expansion is enough.

Which is probably what’s going to happen with Destiny: The Taken King. The expansion has been hyped up for months now, and the number of changes being made to raids, characters, and the game in general are huge. It’s improving practically every aspect. And while rumor on the street is that Bungie has even been working on a Destiny 2 that could have been out around now is great, that game may be unnecessary.

After all, a good expansion pack can mean the world to the game. Destiny‘s The Taken King absolutely seems like it could be one of them. These kinds of things absolutely eliminate the need for further entries. Like say, Dragon Age: OriginsAwakening. Was it more of the same? A little, yes. But it was a helpful look at the life of Warden after the Blight ended, offered a substantial additional campaign, and gave us new characters to love that connected well to the real sequel.

Borderlands 2‘s Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep is another example of an amazing expansion that helps revitalize the game. It completely alters the look and feel of Borderlands 2 by making it more like a D&D game (or rather, Bunkers and Badasses). The addition of mods that are more in line with a fantasy game, “spells,” and shields really enhance the game.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim‘s Dragonborn DLC is another add-on that completely improves the overall experience for anyone who plays it. It essentially injects a little bit of Morrowind into Skyrim by bringing Soulstheim into the game. People get all new monsters, extra quests, areas that look and feel different from those within Skyrim, and more. It’s a huge update that still manages to maintain the Dragonborn theme thanks to the story.

Some games are great. They’re so much fun that can’t help but want more. Yet, in some cases, an actual sequel isn’t the thing you need.

Completed Your Pokemon Go

Reddit user ftb_hodor has caught every currently available Pokemon in the United States in Pokemon Go, but their Pokedex isn’t quite complete.

According to ftb_hodor’s post on Reddit, they have 142 Pokemon caught, and it took them walking 153km to do so. However the actual figure may be greater: “Game recorded 153km, but it’s not all that accurate, and according to the Health app i’ve walked 129.04 miles in that time (almost all of that would be with the game open), or about 200km.

Currently it is thought there are five unreleased Pokemon, namely the three legendary birds, Mewtwo, and Ditto. Plus, there are four Pokemon which are thought to be region specific.

Some other interesting facts about their Pokemon journey include catching 4,629 individual Pokemon, and hatching 303 eggs. The user’s most powerful Pokemon is a 2619 CP Dragonite, but their “best” is a 2226 CP Snorlax, nicknamed Marshmallow.

So, ftb_hodor hasn’t quite caught ’em all, but it’s the best anyone can do for now without travelling abroad.

Would you like to know more about battlefield

DICE and Electronic Arts’ latest entry in the Battlefield franchise is marching to a trench line near you, but what do we actually know about it so far?
The easy stuff first: There’s a battle, there are fields and 1 is considered the loneliest number. Fortunately there’s a lot more to Battlefield 1 than that and below is a growing list of facts drip feeding out of DICE and EA.
When is it set?
There’s a double meaning to the name Battlefield 1 as it ties nicely with its time period, which is arguably the very first major conflict of ‘modern warfare’. World War One or The Great War is the backdrop to Battlefield 1, but it’s not exactly how the history books remember it.
It’s got a bit of alternate history to its narrative excusing the reason why so many prototype weapons have joined the fray en masse in Battlefield 1. These prototypes did in fact exist but were rarely ever deployed.
What maps will we be fighting in?
DICE has started revealing the fields we’ll be scarring in Battlefield 1 and they’ve got some juicy teases on the official Battlefield website.
• St. Quentin Scar – Northern France
“A massive attack on the scarred battlefields of northern France. As part of the Kaiser’s battle, the German army throws everything they have to try to break through the British lines. Prepare for truly cataclysmic assaults as you push through the trenches of the St. Quentin Scar. Be the first soldier to break through the fortified lines and assault the pristine village of Travecy, untouched by the war… until now.”
• Sinai Desert – Egypt
“Engage in all-out war in Sinai Desert, a scorching hot battlefield located just East of El-Jifar. From infantry skirmishes in the narrow streets of the village of Bir el Mazar to dogfights above the majestic cliffs, you’ll need to make tactical use of the dunes as you engage in explosive battles. When all hope is lost, reinforcements will arrive in the shape of a powerful Behemoth: a deadly Armored Train charging through the desert sands.”
• Amiens – France
“A destructive clash in a majestic city. Fight on the streets and squares in French city of Amiens during the German spring offensive. A struggle in crumbling alleys, a courthouse, around bridges and railways where the British and the Germans desperately seek to control the depths of the city.”
• Monte Grappa – Venetian Alps, Italy
“Take part in one of the final battles among the peaks of kings in the Venetian Alps. High up above the clouds a desperate fight for control of mountain forts are challenging even the toughest soldiers. Utilize the massive fort cannons to stop the advancing enemies as they scale the mountainside. Up here, in this furious struggle, the Austro Hungarian Empire holds the upper hand, but the Italian Army won’t stop until they’ve taken back what’s theirs.”
• Empire’s Edge – Adriatic Coast
“Along the Adriatic coast a fierce struggle for land and life is taking place. A rugged but fortified shore becomes the battlefield for an empire under siege. What was once a beautiful Mediterranean village by the coast is now transformed by mechanized war, where waves and dreadnought battleships pound the remains of Italy’s Great War.”
What modes are there going to be?
The usual suspects are here – the staple of a Battlefield game – but DICE has already revealed a new type of mode they’re debuting called Operations. Basically they involve multiple maps as attackers and defenders get in massive tug-of-war rumbles.
• Conquest
“An all-time fan favorite of Battlefield players, Conquest is a large-scale game mode with up to 64 players fighting for the control of key objectives. With large armies on foot or behind the wheel and the addition of fearsome Behemoths, Conquest brings together all the elements of the signature Battlefield All-Out War.”
• Domination
“Domination offers a fast-paced infantry focused combat in close quarter locations. It’s a smaller, but more focused version of Conquest, and the fighting revolves around strategic objectives. Ready your shotgun and sharpen your hatchet – in the Domination game mode things tend to get close and personal.”
• Operations (NEW
“Operations is a completely new way to experience Battlefield multiplayer, giving you the opportunity to fight on an entire front of the Great War. In a sequence of inter-connected battles, a team of attackers attempts to conquer ground and push the frontline forward, as the defenders are trying to push them back. “
“Should the defenders fail to hold their ground on a map, the Operation doesn’t stop here: they will fall back and regroup on a different map, while the attackers will push the assault. Sectors may fall, but players reinforced by gigantic Behemoths can still turn the tide.”
• Rush
“Communications and artillery were crucial during World War I, and Rush mode will have you interacting with both of them. In Rush, the Attacking forces must find and destroy the Defending force’s Telegraph Posts, which the defenders can use to call in artillery strikes.”
“The Defenders can deny the Attackers by disarming the explosives they plant, but should the Telegraph Posts be destroyed, the Defenders must fall back to another sector. The Attackers win the battle if the Telegraph Positions in every sector are destroyed. The Defenders come out victorious if they’re able to run the Attackers out of reinforcements, or by having at least one Telegraph Position left intact when time runs out.”
What about a single-player campaign?
Now what total buffoon would release a Battlefield game these days without a riveting single-player campaign? Think of all that massive warfare as a delicious backdrop to an alternate history of World War One. Sorry, no space battles though.
DICE hasn’t yet said much about the single-player campaign as they are focusing on making sure the multiplayer-side of Battlefield 1 is ready for front line deployment later this year. Lead designer Danny Berlin did say it would “more accurately reflect Battlefield’s open sandboxes.” The story will be from multiple points of view also.
What vehicles do we get to play with?
Vehicles are a serious cornerstone of Battlefield and the new Battlefield 1 is no exception as they even include World War One-era tanks. There’s also armoured trucks, motorcycles and four-legged modes of traversal (horses) to get us around.