BioShock 2

ghjuThe original BioShock was an incredible experience: an engrossing title that provided a number of fresh takes on the first person action genre, as well as drew from a number of literary and philosophical texts – resulting in one of the most engrossing stories in videogame history. The extraordinary mix of story-telling, immersive exploration, and enjoyable combat made playing the original BioShock a unique as well as rewarding journey.

For a franchise built on originality, almost everything in BioShock’s sequel is too familiar. In BioShock 2, the greatest strengths of the original title are still present — but they haven’t evolved in any significant way. In terms of the visual aesthetics, enemy types, and core gameplay, the campaign portion of the sequel could be mistaken for a lengthy DLC add-on episode.

That’s not to say the title isn’t worthy of a retail disc, because there is plenty of content to justify the price. It’s just that the game doesn’t look or play particularly different. Which, for some players, may not be a bad thing. The bottom line is this — if

How to Carry More Items for Fallout 4

fallout-4-1438234639When it comes to the world of Fallout 4, there’s nearly no end to how much stuff players can find and take with them as they journey around the Bostonian wasteland. However, there is a limit to how much players can carry, which makes choosing what to carry an important consideration, especially since many of those items can be used to enhance gamers’ experience in Fallout 4.

To help gamers determine what to carry, and be able to carry more, we’ve put together the following guide.

Use the Strength Perk

The best way to improve carrying capacity is to level up the Strength Perk in Fallout 4, since it determines how much players can carry. Of course, with so many other perk options in the game, it can sometimes be hard to justify dumping all level points into Strength. However, it’s important that players continue slowly building up the Strength stat over the course of the game as more and better materials and weapons become available.

A good judge of when to add points to Strength is how

Pokémon Go is Playable on PC

unduhan-80Pokémon Go is already a huge hit, but there are some would-be trainers who would prefer to assemble their team from the comfort of their home. Given that the game revolves around the idea of moving around in physical space, that’s not so easy — but one committed fan has come up with a workaround.

You can play Pokémon Go on your computer, but first you’ll need to set about installing an Android emulator. YouTube user Travis D came up with this method, and he uses BlueStacks, although a host of alternatives are available.

Of course, simply downloading an emulator and Pokémon Go itself isn’t enough to make the game playable on your PC. The game relies on the player moving around to find new Pokémon, so the trainer then needs to root the emulated device and install an app that’s capable of spoofing their GPS location.

This set-up makes your rig the center of the Pokémon universe, and handily circumvents the battery life issues that have been affecting the progress of certain players. However, it’s not an ideal solution, as faking your GPS location is apparently enough to warrant being banned from

3 Ways People Are Cheating at Pokemon Go

imagyghIf we’ve learned anything from Pokemon Go, it’s that people will go to great lengths in order to successfully beef up their Pokedex and increase their levels. Some travel the world in an attempt to catch ‘em all, some make additional purchases for phone battery packs to maintain a good charge, and others accidentally stumble off a pier trying to line up the perfect shot.

But a subgroup of players have taken things a step further, harnessing the power of technology to create their own tools used to game the system and guarantee success in Pokemon Go. While many of these venture into morally gray territory — particularly those that cheat the mechanics and skip the intended progression — it just goes to show that people will use any means necessary to become Pokemon Masters.

A majority of these techniques use the Android version of the game, since it’s marginally easier to modify than iOS. IGN doesn’t condone the use of any third-party applications designed to skip the intended Pokemon Go progression path, not only because it goes against

Call of Duty franchise to the big screen

Back in May, news surfaced that Hollywood was interested in adapting the Call of Duty franchise to the big screen. There were no details at the time but now it is being reported that Activision, the publisher behind the video game series, has filed a trademark to protect the property against use in “pre-recorded movies featuring comedy, drama, action, adventure, music, theatrical performances and/or animation.”

With the plethora of comic book movies coming out and in development, we’re also starting to see a push into that other huge geek genre, video game movies. Unfortunately, history has not been so kind to video games based on movies and movies based on video games, but I expect a change in that trend soon.

The big question is, what would this film be about, since each game covers multiple sides and many story arcs…

Would the film be based in World War 2, where the series originated and where every installment of the series except for one has taken place? That would make for an interesting film, switching plotlines from the British, to the Americans and to the Russians, highlighting the battles they fought during key points in

FIFA vs. Pro Evolution Soccer 2010

FIFA decided to keep things relatively the same from its last iteration.  The graphics look the same as 2009, with maybe a slight improvement on player faces, but not much.  Gameplay feels less like soccer and more like pinball.  They both claim to have a new 360 degree style control  and ways to fight for the ball with other players (legally).  Goalkeepers are upgraded and made a lot smarter, and animations have been cleaned up as well.  This is the one thing FIFA has going for it, as PES 2010 has major problems in this area still.  The big things FIFA has going for it is its name, its tradition of bringing good futbol to masses and licenses.  FIFA owns PES in the license department, so if you want to play a real Premiership schedule, you need to buy FIFA, which is unfortunate.

Pro Evolution Soccer has really stepped it up this year and its graphics blow FIFA out of the water.  A lot of people have stated their main problem with the graphics is the acne laden faces on some players.  This is a little true, but for the guys they did this so it fits. 

Destiny Update 2.4 is not just about re-balancing weapons for the new Rise of Iron expansion

With Update 2.4, Public Events will become relevant once again. Under the first Rise of Iron patch, Public Events will now become a source for legendary marks, destination materials, and experience, but only on the first completion. Farming public events after that will reap some rewards, but not nearly as many.

The update has also changed the Quest menu to ‘Progress’, seemingly in an effort to help players better track how they are doing with individual tasks. Alongside that, the Record Books have been moved out of the Materials section and to their own category so players have an easier time managing their inventory.

Truthfully, though, the more meaningful changes are those being made to PvP, both to the way rewards are doled out and the way specific modes handle scoring. Balancing weapons in the Crucible is one thing, but for a while not it has felt like the rewards associated with PvP weren’t as plentiful.

Thankfully that should change after today, because Bungie is removing legendary engrams from the post-game loot table of all crucible modes. That means if a player is to receive a drop they will be getting a weapon. For those

Players Using The Original PlayStation 4 will be able to Transfer Their Console’s Data onto The PS4 Pro.

It’s no secret that plenty of Sony fans are eagerly anticipating the company’s forthcoming release of the PlayStation 4 Pro, but some gamers who are still enjoying the comforts of the standard PS4 are undoubtedly wondering whether or not they should make the leap to the enhanced version of the console. With that in mind, perhaps Sony’s recent reveal that those who are currently using the original PS4 can transfer their data to the PlayStation 4 Pro will serve as an enticement to purchase the 4K-enabled system upon its launch this November.

According to a video on PlayStation Access’ YouTube channel, PlayStation UK community manager Hollie Bennett detailed that PS4 fans will be able to utilize the feature by way of an Ethernet cable. Apparently, users will eventually be able to copy and then transfer games, saved data, videos, screenshots, system settings, as well as many other details with the use of this process.

Furthermore, the ability to move data across PlayStations will supposedly work between any two PS4 consoles, regardless of its status as an original, Pro, or Slim model. Of course, these aren’t the only stipulations involved when it comes to shuttling information from

Review about Brut@l

Brut@l is a throwback to old-school ASCII dungeon crawlers, which is most evident from its visual style. The game uses a black and white aesthetic, and functions like a 3D version of the old 2D ASCII games. Items, enemies, and the player character all appear to be made up of symbols on a keyboard, but while Brut@l looks like an ASCII title, it plays more like a modern dungeon crawler than anything else.

In Brut@l, players hack and slash their way through randomly generated dungeons, with the ultimate goal of reaching the 26th floor. The dungeons are filled with environmental hazards, collectibles, and secrets, but since the game sticks to its strict ASCII-inspired graphics, everything in the game looks very similar, offering players little in the way of visual variety.

Gameplay consists almost entirely of walking around and button mashing, though Brut@l does allow for some more advanced techniques, such as throwing a shield and rolling out of the way of enemy attacks. For the most part, however, players can expect to spend most of their time with Brut@l mashing on the square button, which makes for a very repetitive, and oftentimes boring, game.

Brut@l‘s repetitive nature is a glaring issue

What’s Titanfall 2 Will Take Advantage of PS4 Pro’s Extra Power

Following Sony’s reveal of its forthcoming 4K-capable system known as the PlayStation 4 Pro, plenty of developers have been fielding questions from fans as to whether or not its games will be able to use all of the enhanced PS4’s might to display the best graphics possible. As it happens, the Respawn Entertainment studio co-founder Vince Zampella recently took to his official Twitter account to answer questions of that very nature regarding the developer’s first-person shooter Titanfall 2.

As seen in the tweet below, a Titanfall 2 fan asks if Respawn plans on using all of the resources available within the PlayStation 4 Pro in order to make the game as potent as it can be. Thankfully, Zampella responded by stating the studio will indeed utilize all of the advantages available with the console to allow the release to benefit from the PS4 Pro’s higher specs.

Although it’s good news to know that Titanfall 2 on PlayStation 4 Pro will have its graphical capabilities pushed to the limits, Zampella didn’t necessarily explain exactly how Respawn Entertainment will go about accomplishing the feat. Bearing this in mind, the most plausible case will involve the studio operating on

The Upcoming Sci-fi Game No Man’s Sky is Going to be Gigantic

Developer Hello Games has made it clear from the start that the upcoming sci-fi game No Man’s Sky is going to be gigantic. Although the game is meant to be more about the journey than the destination, many completionist gamers out there are likely still going to be tempted to visit every exotic planet and distant star formation that the game has to offer. Although that sounds like a fun challenge, it turns out that unless you happen to be immortal, it’s pretty impossible to pull off.

The limited-time PS4 exclusive space exploration game (which will later arrive on PCs) uses procedurally generated worlds to create one of the largest video game environments that we’ve ever seen. The developers can’t really begin to explain exactly how many worlds exist within No Man’s Sky’s massive universe, but they did offer IGN an estimate as to how long it would take to visit every world in the game.

Hello Games co-founder, Sean Murray, explained that the development team started out using 32-bit numbers to generate the planets in the universe. Using the 32-bit formula, it would take somewhere between four and five thousand years to visit every

The Future of Godus

The last few days have seen a flurry of stories in regards to Peter Molyneux’s latest god game Godus.  Firstly, John Walker of Rock, Paper, Shotgun wrote a piece looking at the fractured state of the game and how it seems unlikely that it will ever meets its lofty Kickstarter goals. Eurogamer meanwhile have today published an article that contains an interview with the Curiosity winner Bryan Henderson detailing his lack of involvement with the studio behind Godus.

As Rock, Paper, Shotgun pointed out, the current development of Godus has slowed dramatically to the point that only a handful of staff are currently working on the title. The rest of 22cans employees have instead began work on new game The Trail. The investigation by Walker shows that those working on the game funded by Kickstarter appear to be unsure exactly whether the game will even be finished. Quotes from the recently appointed lead designer Konrad Naszynski suggest that the team may never be able to implement many of the promised features and that serious question marks remain over whether multiplayer will ever make it into the game. The situation is made all the worse by the fact

Albino Lullaby is a Horror Game

Albino Lullaby revels in its own weirdness. The episodic first-person puzzler, which launched last week, proudly claims to have no jump scares, gore, or blood. Instead, it relies on atmosphere and some truly awful creatures to get under your skin.

Its world is garish and beautiful, full of rooms that twist and rearrange as you explore them. Walls and floors mechanically slide around, revealing hidden areas or paths. Buttons prominently displayed on walls ask, “Are you sure?” with a metaphorical wink and nudge. Because of course you’re going to push the damn buttons. And what results is often a mix of the unsettling and the humorous.

“Duality is an important theme of our game,” said Justin Pappas, creative director of indie studio Ape Law. “We wanted it to look pretty and fun, but have this horror and terror undercurrent. And when those themes clash, I think that confuses the brain a little bit. It makes players feel kind of disoriented. And that all lends to that feeling of unease and the uncanny.”

The creatures that call this twisted haunted house home are ‘the Grandchildren,’ pale and tubular things with oddly-pitched voices and nightmarish eyes and

Minecraft takes big step into VR

Mojang employee Tommaso Checchi confirmed on Twitter that an update for the Windows 10 version of Minecraft will add Rift support, and that the update is coming next week, according to WinBeta. This means gamers will be able to put on the Rift headset and walk around the world of Minecraft using an Xbox One controller.

The new feature will only be added to the Windows 10 version of Minecraft, but don’t worry about not having that version. If you already purchased Minecraft, you can get the Windows 10 version for free by logging on to the Mojang website and redeeming your copy in the Windows Store.

Microsoft acquired Mojang, the company behind Minecraft, in 2014. By making Rift support exclusive to the Windows 10 version of Minecraft, Microsoft is giving gamers a reason to try out the Windows Store, which might help that struggling platform gain traction.

But the business angle on this story isn’t nearly as interesting as the opportunity to fully immerse yourself into the pixelated world of Minecraft. The first-person building game seems like a perfect fit for virtual reality, especially when you consider all the crazy creations people have made

Killer Game Just Made Sequels Obsolete

When it comes to great games, people are always eager to clamor for a sequel. If you have something good, it’s natural to want more of it. The thing is, with some games you don’t have to resort to a whole new entry for that to happen. In some cases, a really good expansion is enough.

Which is probably what’s going to happen with Destiny: The Taken King. The expansion has been hyped up for months now, and the number of changes being made to raids, characters, and the game in general are huge. It’s improving practically every aspect. And while rumor on the street is that Bungie has even been working on a Destiny 2 that could have been out around now is great, that game may be unnecessary.

After all, a good expansion pack can mean the world to the game. Destiny‘s The Taken King absolutely seems like it could be one of them. These kinds of things absolutely eliminate the need for further entries. Like say, Dragon Age: OriginsAwakening. Was it more of the same? A little, yes. But it was a helpful look at the life of Warden after the Blight

Completed Your Pokemon Go

Reddit user ftb_hodor has caught every currently available Pokemon in the United States in Pokemon Go, but their Pokedex isn’t quite complete.

According to ftb_hodor’s post on Reddit, they have 142 Pokemon caught, and it took them walking 153km to do so. However the actual figure may be greater: “Game recorded 153km, but it’s not all that accurate, and according to the Health app i’ve walked 129.04 miles in that time (almost all of that would be with the game open), or about 200km.

Currently it is thought there are five unreleased Pokemon, namely the three legendary birds, Mewtwo, and Ditto. Plus, there are four Pokemon which are thought to be region specific.

Some other interesting facts about their Pokemon journey include catching 4,629 individual Pokemon, and hatching 303 eggs. The user’s most powerful Pokemon is a 2619 CP Dragonite, but their “best” is a 2226 CP Snorlax, nicknamed Marshmallow.

So, ftb_hodor hasn’t quite caught ’em all, but it’s the best anyone can do for now without travelling abroad.

Would you like to know more about battlefield

DICE and Electronic Arts’ latest entry in the Battlefield franchise is marching to a trench line near you, but what do we actually know about it so far?
The easy stuff first: There’s a battle, there are fields and 1 is considered the loneliest number. Fortunately there’s a lot more to Battlefield 1 than that and below is a growing list of facts drip feeding out of DICE and EA.
When is it set?
There’s a double meaning to the name Battlefield 1 as it ties nicely with its time period, which is arguably the very first major conflict of ‘modern warfare’. World War One or The Great War is the backdrop to Battlefield 1, but it’s not exactly how the history books remember it.
It’s got a bit of alternate history to its narrative excusing the reason why so many prototype weapons have joined the fray en masse in Battlefield 1. These prototypes did in fact exist but were rarely ever deployed.
What maps will we be fighting in?